What is Scoutasmus?

Federation of Scouts and Guides in Catalonia (FCEG) launched SCOUTASMUS programme for scout and guide leaders abroad, aiming at the continuity in their involvement within the Scout and Guide Movement around the world. This programme follows the spirit of the resolution passed in the 14th European Guide and Scout Conference entitled “Erascout programme”.

What are Scoutasmus main objectives?

  • Contributing to youth integration into the host country.
  • Providing intercultural learning to scout and guide groups.
  • Developing the international dimension of Scouting and Guiding.
  • Developing the Scouting and Guiding principle of World Brotherhood and Sisterhood.
  • Extending scout and guide leaders commitment and involvement.
  • Strenghtening and enriching involved leading teams.
  • Ensuring personal growth and development.
  • Strenghtening FCEG presence at an international level.

Can I join the programme?

Scouts and guides, over 18, involved in an Exchange Program (ERASMUS, SENECA, LEONARDO, …) or spending abroad at least 6 months.

How can I get involved?

The SCOUTASMUS Team offers you four different options according to your availability. These options are a proposal and they could differ from one host country to another depending on availability and needs:

  • Option 1: EUROLEADER. If you are motivated and have availability, you can become a scout and guide leader in the host country as a Euroleader.
  • Option 2: ASSISTANT SCOUT AND/OR GUIDE LEADER. For those scouts and guides willing to be part of a scout and guide group at the host country but who cannot be a full-time scout and guide leader, Assistant Scout and/or Guide Leader is their category! Assistant Scout and/or Guide Leaders are part of the volunteering team of a group with whom you will establish their commitment. For example, you can become involved in the day-to-day activities, as a support to a specific age group.
  • Option 3: AMBASSADOR. As Ambassador, you can become a representative of your home country association. You will be invited to join and get involved in the host country’s association events and activities. You may want to bring some general information about your town, city, country, association, etc. This option is completely compatible with the other categories.
  • Option 4: SCOUT NETWORK. You may find that scouts and guides your age are not yet leaders in the host country, but they develop their own projects. In that case, the Scout network option encourages you to join them.

Both before and during their Scoutasmus experience in Catalonia, no matter which option you choose, the FCEG Scoutasmus Team will offer you full support.
Do you want to live your Scoutasmus experience in Catalonia?

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